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The first two entries are theater reviews for a show where I composed and performed the music. I anticipate more press to come my way once the "Loosh" album is released.


Cassette Gods: 11/3/18: LOOSH

Phil Donahue is THE Primadonahue.


Haha, no, it’s Michael. Michael, Phil, it’s Michael! Why don’t you call?


Minneapolis is cold in the winter Phil. I hope you’re OK in the winter.


I like Devo and They Might Be Giants, and other ones too. Ween I guess. Sure.


Phil, voodoo pickpockets have stolen my penis. I’m serious. Mom needs you, because I can’t be there for her so much anymore. Not after the voodoo pickpockets have stolen my penis. I can’t emphasize that enough.


Seriously, Phil, I do “Make Your Own Kind of Music” so much better than Mama Cass. Desmond on “Lost” should’ve listened to my version.


Stupid TV producers. You know what I’m talking about.


City Pages A-List: BIG OLE

Quinton Skinner, City Pages, Minneapolis

"...a refreshingly straightforward take on radicalism ..." Some would hold that we're in need of a revolutionary movement (never mind, for the moment, the darker apprehension that the revolution has already happened, and that it wasn't the one we were hoping for). The prevailing mode in art, by and large, has recently been to seek out metaphor and historical precedent for these bellicose and authoritarian years. So a refreshingly straightforward take on radicalism is on offer in this show, the creation of Mike Harris, which depicts, documentary-style, the triumphs and setbacks of a lefty theater troupe as it wends its way through the 20th century. It's a fictional take on Minneapolis counterculture, and while it won't eliminate the rot in the body politic, it promises seditious fun.


In my Humble Opinion

Matthew A. Everett

FEATURED THIS WEEK... thru February 11th, 2006

One of my favorite scrappy, highly original theater companies, Bedlam Theatre presents “Big Ole's Theatre for the Revolutionary Arts: The First 100 Years” - Written and Directed by Mike Harris “Big Ole” is a documentary-style look at a fictional company of subversive artists over the course of the 20th century. It features scenes from their most influential shows and depicts the backstage tribulations that motivated their development as a Minneapolis counter-cultural institution. Featuring live music by the one-man band "Primadonahue," set design by Brad Dahlgaard (City Pages' "Top 10 Sets of 2005") and Chris Huff, video by Kristi Ternes, and performances by Jon Cole, Phillip Freeman, Starri Hedges, Julian McFaul, Savannah Reich, Kristi Ternes, Mandee Carney, and Ivan Weiner. “Big Ole” is a new play by Mike Harris, whose previous work with Bedlam-as both a writer and performer-includes the rock opera “Mahoney's Mirror” (1999), countless political sketches and puppet shows, and “The WYAskY News,” an ongoing and hugely popular feature at Bedlam Romps.


Minneapolis Star Tribune 6/24/07

Jon Senum

"...brings a new updated twist to the art of the 'one person band'. Unique and creative barely scratches the surface of a performance that includes home made 'art guitars' and an electric kazoo."


Culture Bully

Jeremiah Conlon

Top Musical Moments of 2008 | Part Two (Guest List)

"The second strangest show of the year – I was really drunk. So, I was sort of heckling this performer and really nice guy – Primadonaue for being so “self indulgent,” but seriously I was jealous of his midi-knee pad solos."