Jerungdu Theater: Mahoney's Mirror, Red Eye Theater, 1999, Minneapolis, MN
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Photo: The Vortex featuring Kari Ann ShiffPast Projects > Jerungdu > Mahoney's Mirror


Michael Donahue, Newt Skink and Bedlam Theatre have written a rock musical called Mahoney's Mirror: A Sci-Fi Musical Comedy Adventure.


Jerungdu has performed this narrative with Bedlam at the Red Eye in the Summer of 1999 to highly enthusiastic audiences.


Mahoney's Mirror is multi-media, glam rock extravaganza on a Sci-Fi musical bun garnished with a thick slathering of camp and cliche.


Imagine Naked Lunch beating up The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a dark alley! Rohan Preston at the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote: "...this musical comedy really could be a bad acid flashback." This was a very insightful observation considering that the whole idea originated from one of Newt Skink's acid trips. The script took ten years to write. Read the script.


Photo: Wally the Fly played Dan Smith "In the beginning in 1969 the President created the universe." This is the first line of the opening song sung by General Wallace Perciville Fleagutz; a top military aid for Richard Nixon, the covert God of our universe. (Every memory before 69' was the result of a government sponsored mass hypnosis.) Fleagutz expresses his concern to Nixon about Patrick Mahoney; a New York cop who was created as a top secret governmental R and D project. Patrick was born with no concept of irony or metaphor and as a result he can see things as they "really are". Therefore, Fleagutz insists Mahoney is a threat to national (and universal) security.


Photo: Patrick Mahoney played by Gary GeikenOutraged by Fleagutz's insolence, Nixon demotes him to the rank of "insect" and reassigns him to "low security surveillance". With the code name "Wally the Fly", he watches helplessly as Patrick researches the nature of "Bad Luck". Mahoney discovers that Bad Luck is a radiant energy emitting from deep inside the Earth. Upon the urging of police dispatcher and seductress Kelly Green, Patrick continues his experiments. As he becomes further exposed to Bad Luck radiation, a series of bizarre mishaps lands him in prison.


While incarcerated, Patrick continues the experiments and discovers the existence of a parallel universe called the "Bad Luck Dimension"; a world where all are resistant to pleasure and gravitate to pain. The God of the "BLD" in none other than Bill Cosby's alter-ego "Bilk Ozby". On his primitive "Bad Luck" radio receiver, Patrick watches a holographic commercial from the BLD for a product called "Pain Jell-OWW". Patrick tastes the hologram which induces so much pain he disappears through his own anus.


Photo: Kelly Green played by Kari Ann ShiffPatrick finds himself at the edge of a "vortex" (a gateway to the BLD) 50,000 feet below the the Earth's crust. There he meets his soul mate Nelly Greek the alter-ego of his old flame Kelly Green.


Photo: Angelique played by Jon MaggsMahoney's Mirror features the greatest ending in the history of mankind. Two warring dimensions collide in 1996 and our entire universe disappears through Nixon's anus! The epilogue features Wally breaking the news to the audience that they no longer exist and have been duped once again by a government sponsored post hypnotic suggestion. This "head warming", three-act prophecy is sure to offend the entire family!


The production was directed by Maren Ward and featured choreography by Hijack, video by Mo Donahue, puppetry by Julian McFaul and video animation by Jerome Thelia. It was awarded grants from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and the Minneapolis Arts Commission.


Mahoney's Mirror is also Jerungdu's first CD on Stucco Records. Check out the link to the Stucco catalog.


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