Jerungdu Theater's Haunted Whore House: A Naughty Spook House for Grown-ups
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Halloween 2000, Jerungdu Theater staged this interactive freak out performance in a trashed out old house in South Minneapolis. Nowhere else but at a Jerungdu event can you see Satan ass raping Jesse "the Governor" Ventura saying "It's time for you to pay for that election!" That alone was worth the price of admission. This buffet for the discriminating necrophiliac was one of the more interesting Jerungdu events of 2000.


This was the only Jerungdu show that was performed without a band, thus making it a purely theatrical stunt. We did several dozen shows a night to audiences of 10 to 12 at a time. There was a steady stream of whore house customers throughout the entire Halloween weekend and we served hundreds of satisfied patrons of high-brow, concept art.


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