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One Less Paul (DGA5)


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“One Less Paul” is a tribute to the late Minnesota Senator and great American hero Paul Wellstone.


Using the classic body shape of the Gibson Les Paul as a basis, the One Less Paul has “one less” of everything. It has one less string (5). Tuned to open G, it is reminiscent of the five-string guitars popularized by Keith Richards. It has one less fret (21) not including the zero fret. There is one less pickup, a Bill Lawrence L500XL rail humbucker (also used by Dimebag Darrell). There is no control switch and no tone or volume knobs (one less of each). The photo collage of Paul Wellstone on the body (one less Paul) punctuates the concept.


It features Grover V98N open gear tuners, a brass nut, brass neck markers, and direct wiring to the output jack for a clean, uncolored, high output signal.


The low E string is removed and it is tuned to open G (low to high: G, D, G, B, D).


The green duck cloth around the body matches the color of Paul Wellstone’s campaign school bus.



25.5" Scale

21 frets


Hardware (etc.):

Tuners: Grover V98N open gear

Bridge: 5 string (unbranded)

Nut: Brass


Bill Lawrence L500XL



Neck: Maple, Walnut, Oak

Fingerboard: Purpleheart

Body: Redwood, Douglas Fir, Pine, Maple, Mahogany


Handmade from scratch!