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(AKA: Michael Donahue) is an experimental one man electronic rock band from Saint Paul, MN.


"...brings a new updated twist to the art of the 'one person band'. Unique and creative barely scratches the surface of a performance that includes home made 'art guitars' and an electric kazoo."

—Jon Senum; Minneapolis Star Tribune

The avant-punk, electronica noise rock trio from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN.

"So arguably Repulsar sucks so bad they’re great. I ain’t saying it ain’t a fact."

—Richard Thomas, Duluth Reader


“Perverse but delightful… Do not expect to be coddled. Do not expect to be put in a nice easy chair and fed nice harmonies and choruses and things. Expect to be assaulted sonically.”

—Zeph Daniel, The Zeph Report Podcast